The Dance of Hope

I want to dance that dance
let my courage of conviction have a chance

Tango then two step: Now freeze
pause in the moment to feel the breeze
put my anxious mind at ease
enter the moment and breathe
Hands raised, I surrender to receive
fall on my knees because I believe
There’s more than my eyes can perceive
As I become bright as the lights on Christmas Eve

Then toss myself as I rise and am surprised
the dance has not drained, but energized
My own freedom I don’t recognize
That is until I am mesmerized
by that which I see in her eyes
Then I shall know the chance from the dance
has equated to a sunrise…

41 thoughts on “The Dance of Hope

  1. This dance was a delight to read! You convey such deep meaning in beautiful rhyme. I loved the polarity and intention in the lines – Now freeze
    pause in the moment to feel the breeze – surrender, flow, pause, freedom all so wonderfully weaved together!

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  2. Wow this was just spectacular!!! What a stunning flow, I am in awe! I read this twice to truly capture the beauty because your words are beaming with it!!! It’s so good to read your writing again, you always leave me amazed! 🤗🖤

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    • You just performed a word dance🥳😁 Inner flaring poetic rhythm. Thank you! I was hoping you would enjoy this! and since you did, I now perform my happy dance!🥰🤗into this week which help the sun become brighter, with a BRAVO.🥰

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      • Thank you for your charming words!😃🥳 I always enjoy your writing. I loved your straightforward and introspective writing style! 😁👍
        And yes, dance wildly as if no one is watching 😁👏👏and shine like the mighty sun 🌞

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      • Reading your perspective brought me sunshine🌞! It is very encouraging💕🙏 I hope you never tire of me informing you of my appreciation to be read by you🥰 Especially😃 because you see sometime further into what I have written than I do at the time of its creation🥂 That sixth sense of yours is magical🥳

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