Love: Do the Math

Can we please subtract hate
multiply peace
So the violence decrease
Negate the division
So community and unity increase

Mathematically speaking
We the people are different
But together we can make a difference


Scientifically and spiritually speaking
We are human beings
Both of flesh and blood
Can we in the name of humanity
Show each other Love

39 thoughts on “Love: Do the Math

  1. Boy, did I miss your writing!!! This is incredible and I absolutely love the purpose behind it!!!! Beautifully said, this piece really inspires me as a writer and soul!! Keep shining, friend ✨Much love 🖤

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  2. In recent years hatred has been fanned by lies; divisions between us have been exploited. Our nation will be destroyed if we can’t live in peace and unity with one another. Kudos for your poem that calls us to show each other love!

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