Number of Survivors

The masterful fear pushing scheme
2020 is vision
2021 I still have a dream
My creator still reins supreme

I can use some money
But it will not save
The rich people
Do not escape the grave
Rant and Rave
Stimulus hand out seeking
I won’t be a governmental slave

I thirst to be rich in spirit
Hearing the trumpet blow
I hunger for kindness
that falls like the winter snow

Above all I need my mind
Free of the death tells
Why is not the survival stories
Sent spamming in my emails

To go wholesale price
Going shopping and roll the dice
$600 from the gov
Oh how nice
I will not marry the system
Nor attend the ceremony
I will not throw rice
I choose a liberated life
Wrong or right
If you push fear
You can take a hike!
I am a survivor
And the survivor numbers have spiked!

My theme is I still have a dream
Put hope into action
Let Faith lead the way

17 thoughts on “Number of Survivors

  1. I thirst to be rich in spirit
    I hunger for kindness
    the survivor numbers have spiked

    I love the positive force and energy generated from your beautiful poem! It is definitely a possibility for survivors spamming our emails. For the warriors are now awakening like never before.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great work as always! I love this poem, so many amazing lines. The power of truth behind this is palpable, but you can feel the love and freedom in each word ringing loud and clear! This inspires me as a poet and to just keep going, thank you! Lots of love my friend 💛💙🤗

    Liked by 2 people

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