A Fulfilling Breath

Here’s a invite to breathe in life
Provided insight breathe out with no back-bite
Imagine poetry read under the moonlight
Soaking in the owl and cricket sounds of night
Feel the soft kiss of the nightly breeze
The earth is breathing now you breathe

Take a breath…breathe
Feel your muscles relax…breathe
Inhale the peace
exhale for calmness to increase

Awe such a breathing delight
No panic…..breathe don’t fight
Stillness! No fear…No fright
May these words ignite
A sense of warmth
creating an illuminating light

Take a breath…breathe in the calming feeling
Experience breath-taking healing
Breathe…Yes Breathe
Now breathing is so fulfilling

24 thoughts on “A Fulfilling Breath

  1. Breath is exquisite in its beauty, depth and treasure. How often we forget our life force rides on it, it is life, gives life. Your words deepened and lengthened the breath to stillness and expansiveness, gently guiding, yes it so fulfilling to simply breathe and be.

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    • Hey, Kelly! Glad you are still reaching out and encouraging others. You are significant and you are making a difference. And it is always a honor to have something I write to be shared with others. I appreciate you my friend!


  2. With so many struggling to breathe right now due to COVID 19, maybe this would help all of us not to panic, but to treasure our ability to breathe and pray for those who can’t do it well. 🙂 Beautiful poem.

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