Poetic Stimulation

After reading you I became animated
My passion instantly activated
this is not over-stated
Such a connection is not over-rated
The beauty I see in you can not be debated
My smile upon seeing you is not fabricated
your poetry moves me
your smile soothes me
your a banana strawberry smoothie
From a dose of you I become groovy

Just wanted to write something fun. have a wonderful day, live, laugh and love. live accepting who you are, laugh at yourself (I laugh at me) and for no other reason Love yourself, because you owe it to yourself! dance and sing…be glitzy and groovy….Be animated and active…

27 thoughts on “Poetic Stimulation

  1. This made me smile and reminded me of a man I saw at the bus stop the other day who was reciting poetry to himself. I think he must have been practicing for a stage performance of spoken word. He was so lost in thought, immersed in the power of his own words, and for a few seconds, I felt lost in them too. I wanted to stop and stare and listen to every glorious word. But I thought perhaps that would’ve been rude of me. So I walked on by, still mesmerized by his expression and his words. It’s funny how someone can have such a powerful impact on us, simply by what they say. But in that moment, it wasn’t just about what he was saying but also the look on his face and the body language he was displaying. It was a beautiful sight to behold and I know I’ll never forget him.

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      • I’ve never done anything like that with my poetry, but my old church once decided to read the entire Bible out loud in a 24 hour period and so I got to participate in that. The man in charge of organizing the whole thing told me afterwards that he thought I must be a professional speaker with the way I spoke, but I think it was just because when you’re reading God’s word, it just can’t help but come out right.

        I think I’d be much too afraid to read my own personal writings out loud. First of all, none of them are long enough to hold anyone’s attention for very long, and second of all, I get too emotional when I read my own stuff. I can barely make it through reading one of my poems over the phone to my mother most days! Lol…

        I did see your call for people who do such things though. Must be incredibly amazing to watch something like that.

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      • Yes it is amazing to watch and also to be a setting of poets. I must admit, not every poet voice can be heard. I sometime write what should be spoken. I heard your voice and I think you would be fine, if you get over the performance anxiety! So when I do an open mic, I try to remember the poem, so I can navigate it better, practice the emotions I want to invoke. You should just join me next month or at the next one just as a viewer and can decide if you want to give it a try. I wanted to surprise you with reading one of your poems to you to see if I captured your voice. By the way, that emotion is what makes the poem powerful.

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      • Hmmm…. how’d you hear my voice? Must’ve been somebody else. Lol… I think memorizing the poem is really the only way. I wouldn’t mind watching the next open mic night. In fact, I’d probably love it! Would you really want to read a poem of mine? I’ve never heard anyone read anything I’ve written. That’s such an exciting thought to me. Would you really do it?

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      • Yes I would really read it! I did not literally hear your voice. I heard it while reading your poetry! lol, I imagined from the tone. You know sometime we hear a voice and imagine how the person might look.
        Nevertheless, your poetry is beautiful, I hope I would be able to do it justice if I read it, but surely I give it my best shot.

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      • That’s funny because I heard yours too. I can hear it so easily too. I guess I never really thought about how I do that though. How sometimes I hear someone before I actually hear them. Lol. And thank you for that, your poetry is always beautiful too. I’m sure you’re good at everything you do. Some people just naturally are.

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