Don’t be scared to look

The pearls we see in another person eyes
The passion we see that has died.
Both consuming and pulling, the onlookers in
Further in
with each silent staring moment.

This is the by-product
That leads to questions.
Questions of our quality of life
Not the length of it
Questions of our dimming passions
Not the measure of it
Questions that scare us
To live fully
Questions that scare us
To die in essence.

Therefore, the eyes
We look deeply into
sometimes a smoking mirror of wishing
Other times it’s a reflection
Of what lay dormant in our heart
One time it was what
We feared the most.

Eyes that looked back
Screaming I love you
Shouting you are worthy
Whispering you are not your mistakes.

With eyes wide open
What will you see
With eyes wide open
What don’t you want to be seen…

31 thoughts on “Don’t be scared to look

    • Wow! this one must have been special! A writer of your magnitude and depth. I am honored and humbled. I know different poems reach out differently. And I am one to write in a variety of styles, claiming none is better than the other. So seriously, I do appreciate you and take not for granted you feeling a need to save this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart that sends a notion & motions my mouth to smile:)


  1. So perfect and beautifully said! When my kids were very young, I used to say that I need to see the spark in their eyes after they come home from an activity. That’s how I would want them choose what they engaged in – it would have them beaming with joy. As life continued to happen, they grew up and I had to admit that some of their spark had dimmed. It becomes such a profound journey to aspire to keep that spark alive, the heart filled with joy and trust that each one of us finds our way. There is indeed so much behind our eyes …

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    • Absolutely enjoyed your comment. thanks! We have to keep what really matters in front of us. The relationships we have with one another. Do not become weary in well doing, because at the proper time we shall reap our reward. That is the hope and my mnatra.

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