Loves the place to be

I have seen different faces and different places. Every face has a different feeling. Some faces I have seen represent something different than what they’re showing. Some places are painted to attract attention with its’ lovely view. One place I traveled to was depression. The atmosphere brought tears to the eyes of a strong man. So, I refused to stay there. I left and set sail to a foreign place called loneliness. I thought maybe I needed some solitude, but very quickly I found out that wasn’t the case. Staying there too long would drive a wise man crazy. I left by train quickly. The train made a sudden stop at a place where everyone was screaming and yelling at each other. I figured this place was called ANGER. The air was super thick with confusion and irritation. I knew I had to leave, because I don’t think I could breathe around them too much longer. So, I asked an angry private jet owner to take me away. He said, “where?” I said any place would do. He said, “you look like one of them damn honest dudes”. We took off and then I asked what was he going to charge me. He replied, “the pay would be for me to shut the hell up”. So, as you can guess I did just that. Within two hours in the air we were landing in a very tropical place. The people faces were very plain. Then one man spoke and said welcome, but you look out of place. I laughed nervously, but nobody else did. Then I asked a woman who was staring me in an awkward way, “what are you thinking”? She said, “She was honestly thinking, was I honest and would I understand their way of life”. I said is that right.!? She said, honestly that’s what I was thinking. I guess you know where I was: HONESTY ISLAND and I had too much honesty in one setting. I thought to myself, there’s got to be a place for me. I kept pondering and thought about my past along with what made me the man I am today. I need a place where honesty, lies, anger, peace, harmony, frustration and a peace of mind is. Yes indeed! I need positive as well as the possibility of negatives. Guess what.!? LOVES THE PLACE TO BE!!!

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