Sharing A Moment

Moments upon moments…At this moment, I retire to the desert of my mind with a collection of smiling events. Past, present and yet to come. This is historic…Historical for me and others. Those I share conversation with through books of flames. There’s one person who I will converse with in silence. This time it won’t be manufactured by the secret service. It’ll be by events of a moment when the intra-course (intimate conversing) won’t have a time limit. What a beautiful moment that’ll be.

Hold me or should I hold it. Me representing a fleeting moment. It’s only seems to be fleeting. There’s not a clock to time a moment. A moment in time is what: one second, one minute or one hour? I started this at that moment. Yet that same moment continues. Time is useless in the realm of cosmic thought. In a moment I could fall in love. Tell me, How long does that take: a fraction of a smile, a couple of seconds off the time it took me to be pulled in by looking in your eyes?

So time is also useless in the arena of happiness. Once before I stated, mankind can’t just accept. They must be able to explain everything. Why? Why do you love my mind? What will the answer to that question do for me? No thanks! I prefer to just say thanks. You’ve said a beautiful thing that touched my heart.

In this end moment another one will begin. Cause life as we know it is nothing but a bunch of collective moments…

11 thoughts on “Sharing A Moment

  1. I haven’t read poetry in a while. Shame on me. I enjoy reading your work, it’s inspiring. Being a teacher, I feel there is never enough time to teach poetry due the demands put on us, but now is a better time than ever to start the year off writing poems. Thank you for lighting the fire.

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