Sing Until

As the story unfolds
I think of the untold
The day my eyes were smitten
I declared this love was pre-written

Then came the unknown
Who stopped the song
Why is my heart, not your home?
The queen stepped down from her throne
Now the moment I replay all alone
Wondering how I could be so wrong
Or am I wrong
Just maybe this love is only suited for a poem
Perhaps this passion should only be a song

Then I will sing a song only my heart knows
I’ll cry in silence until the love finally goes
And her memory becomes a no call and a no show

16 thoughts on “Sing Until

      • I am happy you didn’t miss it. I truly meant it! Yo, I can sing too! I am not bragging, but I have a pretty decent voice! I have always wanted to sit down, and put one of my writings to some chords. I wanted to be able to collaborate with a guitarist. I always thought that would be the ultimate accomplishment. Music is the beat of my heart! So when you have words I say hey give it a shot! You have the words, so think about it! Inspirational talk 101 with Lisa lol. Just got to go with the heart always! Blessings WP friend!

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      • Thanks, I enjoy the Inspirational talk 101 with Lisa…lol… I started a youtube channel a while back, but not with singing, but adding music with the words. I wish I knew how to play the guitar. I sure would love to see you accomplish that my WP friend.

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      • One day maybe we will all be on a WP stars reality tv show. Could you imagine? Could be kind of cool. Yeah my kid has a YouTube channel. My kids dad is a musician, and their uncle is a very gifted singer in the Christian genre in L.A. He helps runs a worship school, and He has wrote many songs. He is super talented. So we have some music in our soul. My son is only 22, and music is his life. He knows the greats, a lot of people most kids his age have never heard of. He comes from 2 parents though that were part of the Seattle underground grunge scene back in the day of Alice and Chains, and Nirvana and many others. Back when we they played small Spokane venues, before they got huge. So he knows what’s up. Have a great day! That would be great to put your words to music!

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