Fear Does not Help

Mobility and stability
Equals purposeful effort
Physically capable with
mental capacity!

Tune the fear pushers out
And tune inwardly or heavenly…

Then hit the operating button
of functionality
Therefore, emotional intelligence
out rank artificial intelligence!

Walk by faith
Living by Wisdom
Your immune-system will reward you
Stress and fear disable
it from working properly…

Disease and Death is nothing new
It is a reminder to live life to the fullest
In hope, faith and love!

13 thoughts on “Fear Does not Help

      • To be honest? Yes. I think the last two lines don’t fit. If others take what you are saying out of context, that is on them, not you. I had zero problems with what you were saying. I understood where you are coming from. I know how “charged” the environment is today and yes it is wise to be careful on how we word things. But. I think you said nothing out of context. Really.

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      • I don’t see anything about a mask but I think you should be free to write what you want. Please don’t let people control you. Blogs should reflect our views and opinions. It looks like much of what you’re writing is from the Bible. Which of course is great.

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  1. I have been saying this from the beginning – fear stresses out the immune system! So does anger. The healthiest thing we can do is focus on God, “Love God, love people.” ❤
    And yes, disease and death are nothing new. We should be living life to the fullest, not wasting time worrying about when it will end.

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