The nature of a human ???

I took a walk alone
and paid my inner-being a visit
the first question posed was
where has my soulful essence gone.
Followed closely by, why has spirituality
lost its connection?

There’s a buffering from junk mail
invading the spaces of the mind
Downloaded propaganda that stirs
economical fear
With race baiting consciously
frozen on the screen of our hearts.

I stare at the moon
and now understand why the wolf howls
It is not darkness that is the problem
It is a light that has not
identified its purpose
It is the sheep that wishes it was the wolf

I will discover a faith
that can move a mountain
may be a great act,
but without love
there is no reason to climb the mountain…

Another journey has begun
and audaciously
I will appreciate the travel
and take in the scenery
while being refreshed by the sounds of night
and the howling wolf
that remains true to its nature…

Now only if humans knew what theirs was.!?

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