Don’t Attend Pity Parties

More than a conquer I stand
Survival is a soulful demand
Self-pity and I can never dance
I two-step with joy on demand

Quote with hope
I Live,
I love,
I learn and
I shall leave a legacy
Prolific positive poetry
A God-given generosity

This truly is a gracious gift
That I honor and cherish
The love
The life
The experience!!!

Even when aching in the body
I’m well in my spirit
The spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness,
But who can bear a broken spirit?

Not that all is well,
But with faith, I live
I am still alive
And there is hope for the living.

I don’t attend pity parties,
I look to hear good news
I hear to see good news
No pity party invite,
I speak encouragement
Cause a cheerful look
Provides health to the bones

Your smile is medicine
Your gentle touch is working
That’s something to dance too
And news worth spreading

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