Thank You…Really?

Words like love, gratitude and appreciation evoke emotions…

What does gratitude look like?
How is appreciation shown?

Is saying Thank You enough? I know we were taught to say thank you when someone does something for us.

Yet, I just wonder about authentic appreciation and gratefulness? What do they lead too?

How about the one that said thank you? If they get a chance to help that person, do they help and are they glad they could?

A grateful person wants to return the favor and hope for the opportunity to do so! I know deceivers that say thank you brilliantly, but won’t lift a finger out of generosity.

Be careful, to follow-up your thank you! Don’t let thank you, become a popular “how are you doing” without really wanting to know.

22 thoughts on “Thank You…Really?

  1. This is a very thought provoking topic, that screams “actions speak louder than words.” Thanks so much for your insight and sharing. Whether I am the guest or I am the visitor, I’m very

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  2. That last line!! I learned years ago not to ask if I didn’t really care or have time to stop and hear how someone was. I can always tell when a conversation will be dull or when I find myself struggling for words by what questions I ask another or they ask me.

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  3. Heyyy!

    Well, yeah. A thankyou might not be enough when there’s lot more feelings involved.

    I was browsing through the reader’s section and just dropped by this blog.
    This is the first piece of content from your blog, was worth the read. Will look out for more.

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