Peace Over Happiness

A man’s/woman’s talent, wealth nor gift delivers them from trouble.
Natural/Worldly success does not determine spiritual connection.

For I have witness men of lower character possess riches
For I have witness men consider great in fields of sports and business lack moral stability.

when there is no spiritual connection, Peace will not abound. You can go on a shopping spree, but the sorrow will increase. You can get drunk and party up a storm, but the sorrow will increase. You can count your first million dollars and still be sorrowful.
Victory is not in the things we possess, but in the moral character we develop through our spiritual connection.

Happiness depends on what is happening. Peace don’t need nothing to happen. Happiness is fleeting, while peace is there still!

Peace, Be Still!

26 thoughts on “Peace Over Happiness

  1. Love the message of this post! ❤️

    Happiness can sometimes be a fickle thing as its based on things that can’t sustain you, ie. wealth, a need to follow trends and appeasing others. Whereas contentment lies within ourselves and making peace with what we already have while wanting to have self-improvement and constant evolve for ourselves and those we love.

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  2. Awesome words. So often we hear of those at the top of their game, they have everything, lots of money, the best cars, clothes, houses, everything they could ever want and yet they feel empty and some even take their own lives. This should be a lesson to others as to what really matters in this life. Sometime I find myself saying to others with a smile on my face, “I feel so rich.” Of course I barely have a dime to my name, so I know that the filling and the feeling I have is only something which God can give and I thank Him and praise Him everyday for it. I also wish that others would seek and find this wealth. Thanks for your post, and I love your “About” page. I didn’t see anywhere to comment there. Blessings.

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