A look back/forward

Reflections 2018
A lot of good things manifested in my life during 2018! Through the turbulence of loneliness and aimless thoughts, and bouts of spaces that felt like wasted time. I still declared God is Good and so is a transformed life. I went into 2018 without a to do list or a directed aim. This left me without a sincere focus and a moving forward without expectation. I am not complaining, however with reflection I don’t want to go into 2019 that way.
I was still able to accomplish publishing a new book and had several speaking engagements. Doors were open that I didn’t knock on! Glory be to God!
Nevertheless, 2019 I have things I want to get done and want my steps ordered. I will begin my journey to get my master’s degree! Yea! Start my Youtube channel. Enjoy and celebrate my being single, instead of allowing feelings of loneliness to disrupt my thought process and hinder my steps. In the name of Jesus!!! I will also publish a devotional book. Make more of a conscious effort to excel in being a blessing to everyone that I encounter!!!

Now I say thank you Lord from whom all blessings flow. I thank God for those who have supported me, corrected me and encouraged me. All the beautiful comments, the invisible hugs, and the visible smiles.
I wish all a great blogging experience, that everyone that reads this will become healthier mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I acknowledge we all have our own cross to bare as we cross each other on our own way. Take care and know you are the difference maker!!!!

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