I want to acknowledge that I had a grand time… I was invited to do be a feature in Wisconsin, called “Poetry in Portage”. The organizer June was fantastic and very engaging. I was hesitant and reserved about going. I pushed passed myself and had a blast. I got more from my trip then I expected. That’s why I’m mentioning this.
While there I was given the privilege of having my book stocked in a store called “Mercantile”. I would recommend and support the store, even if they didn’t stock my book. The store is a mom & pop shop that support artist of every walk of life. The Mercantile is a cooperative business venture featuring local artisans and high-quality products for infant to adult! Gifts and treats for all!

Look them up on facebook…
If your from Wisconsin or ever visit. You will want to stop in at the very least…

The store is owned by a mother and daughter. They are down to earth and very hospitable.

Seriously, you don’t find a store in every city that is about community and willing to support the local creative artist. (painters, vessels maker, jewelry makers, and writers…

Well they touched my heart. Even before they agreed, I walked in there and me a lady instantly began talking… We talked and I performed like 3 poems for her. The owner did say anything. I laughed and told the lady, we are going to get put out. We are supposed to be shopping. They owner laughed and informed us she was glad to hear the poems and two strangers engaged like they been knowing each other for years. The lady bought a book directly from me. And that’s how the topic of me stocking my book came to fruition.

Well, peace everyone, I just like giving shout-outs and noteworthy mentions when warranted.

11 thoughts on “Acknowledgement

  1. wow I am so happy for you … very glad like it happened to me … I know it has been a very long road with so much efforts driven from your poetically heart until this moment . This beginning merits celebration … happy new dreams dear Poet

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