Pledging to have Brighter Skies

Somebody please deliver the word. poeticallyyours is on a crusade to be UP in downsville. Yes, it’s my brighter skies, no manure, no flies pledge. A creed to acknowledge the negative — letting it fly or addressing it, while focusing on the positive and discovering a solution. Positively! I have a sense of significance and a pre-meditated purpose. My wave links come from my goals, my energy comes from my dreams. I’m plugged into a socket of what I must do to overcome. Complaining is a circuit breaker. Hey, I simply state the negative, but being well aware it does not have to dictate how I feel.

Somebody please deliver this word too…It’s possible to be UP in downsville. No! Not by buying stuff either. Going in debt to feel better does not solve the issue. See being up in downsville takes a conscious effort. One must start the crusade from within. Science shows negatives work against the system that keeps us healthy. Wait!
Where are you going?

Men we are done hanging our hats on the frustration rack and Women are done carrying purses of frustration on their shoulders. We are done laying in the bed of disappointment and throwing out those shoes of I wish I could. Now did that kill you! Nope because we are still here…
Please say it with me…Hold it…First let’s reconcile something…Happiness depends on what is happening, but regardless of what has happened, we have a choice if we will let that be the reason we have a bad day…We are still alive and breathing…Plus if you feel nothing, than chances are you are not human…
We can ache and smile…yes it’s possible… Ok…here we go…On a cloudy day I am the sunshine I need, So today I declare Brighter skies, no b/s no flies…yell I don’t have time for depression, I can’t afford sadness…

I feel better already…

13 thoughts on “Pledging to have Brighter Skies

  1. The Universe always catches powerful vibes of such kind! No matter where we think we are, what bed of emotion we are lying on, if we have shown the willingness to be Up and Out of there, if we have asked and demanded relief and the choice for change, our message travels through the Universe to bring back just that and more! Yes possibilities exist and we are meant to thrive!

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  2. Great message!
    Yell it from the rooftop…no time for depression, no time for BS, and definitely no time for the flies! As my friend Sirjames Buchanon says, “change is by choice, not your situation!” and every day we have to make the choice to be up and get up, or be down and stay down. As the Kirk Franklin song says, “SMILE” even when you get hit with a storm of manure, just smile—and then go rinse off—being grateful for the cleansing that followed the storm!

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