present or presence

What we really need will not be under a tree nor exchanged as a gift on Christmas. Who can purchase peace and where is it sold at?

The gifts purchased is temporal and has no lasting effect. After Christmas, the gift will be placed somewhere and maybe even forgot about. When we are wrapped up like a gift in what we receive, we yearn to continue to receive.

It’s funny, our first question to others is what did you get for Christmas. Why isn’t the question what did you give on Christmas. Who did you do something for, that had nothing to do with an exchange of gifts.

Just some thoughts. Some things I was wrestling with. Like a mother just calling her children and wishing them a merry Christmas, instead of showing up for the Christmas dinner. No need for a present, that would have made the children’s day. A Smile and a hug. Can’t wrap that up and put it under the tree. What about a child, who gift had to go on back order, and the father doesn’t call or go by. Traditionally everyone feels they need to show up with a present. It’s the proper thing to do…Right? Why if that person presence means something to you.

Time is a gift and being present in the moment requires a person presence. I rather have God’s presence, What can go wrong if God is present.

Use the gift of time and be present. Your presence is required not your present. Do you love the person or what the person will do? My present wasn’t under the tree.


9 thoughts on “present or presence

  1. I couldn’t agree anymore and the most powerful gifts such as time, awareness, presence and inner peace can not be bought. Some are a state of mind that are experienced over time and if made a focus. Not everybody sees. Wise words indeed.

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