Tony’s Inspiration

The Storm of a Poet

In the midst of thoughts

In the blizzard of feelings

My mind rains rapidly

My heart thunders with passion

Phrases, idioms, verbs and nouns

Rush like blood to hand

Motivating and inspiring

My hand to grab

Pen and paper… Write

Write, right now

Express with expression

Suggest with suggestions

Give pen a purpose

Give paper meaning

Stipulate through your passion

That “they” pen and paper

Is needed in your world

Make them: pen and paper

Feel important…conducive

To your very saneness and insanity

Those thoughts and feelings

Are articulated through pen

The mind and heart

Thunders and rains on paper

What love my hand

Holds for a pen…that bleeds

That bleeds: phrases, idioms, verbs and nouns

As my hand perspire

With motivation and inspiration

I find contentment with

What I see on paper

Truly it has been one

11 thoughts on “Tony’s Inspiration

    • Here’s to you for your gracious and uplifting spirit. You definitely know how to sum up the feeling of the poet. I wrote this coming out of a drought. I am truly glad it came across that way. Thank you for the visit and comment

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