Dare to be great…Dare to be wonderful
Dare to be brilliant
Dare to be exceptional…Dare to be eloquent
Dare to be majestic
Why wouldn’t you dare to be YOU
Only you can be YOU
No one else can be You for YOU
So accept the wonderful you
The exceptional you, the brilliant you
How dare you not be YOU
I dare you…yeah you…
I dare you to be YOU

45 thoughts on “I DARE YOU

  1. Brilliant! 🙂 So very empowering and encouraging, even for me who knows this is true that it’s important to love myself and be myself. However, having reminders is always helpful for the days or moments of self-doubt. Thank you truly because I believe I needed to read your beautiful words to remind me of this today.

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    • That is a larger than life comment… To big for me… Nevertheless that comment is magical and I will treasure it like a beautiful pearl… Pull it out and admire it and put it away again… Only if you could the smile I have on my face… Wait a moment…lol… your the enchanter… Have a great weekend


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