Bite Size Thoughts

Discipline leads to destiny

Check your routine, it puts you on a path

We don’t have to wish for that

We plan to reach that, achieve that, obtain that…

I posed the question to myself

Routinely what do I do?

My prayer is to be a better steward


Use my time wisely

Use my treasure wisely and cheerfully

Use my talents wisely to inspire,

To encourage, to uplift, to help…

The seeds I plant is what will grow inside of me…

I can make a difference and so can you

Smile for someone and they may smile back at you

19 thoughts on “Bite Size Thoughts

  1. Check your routine, it puts you on a path – a simple profound truth. It is so important be aware of how and where we are investing our energy and attention. I loved the beautiful concluding line you reached in this poem.

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  2. Dear author,
    You do inspire us by your words,the strength that you have encrypted in this words, the strength will be forevermore. we will cherish every word you write cause each one is a sky in itself wrapped in arms of silver moon.

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