Hit the Switch

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness—Motto of the Christophers

The question arose, what will cursing the darkness accomplish? Will this cause darkness to cease or make it flee?

Let’s change the word darkness with stress, depression or any situation we find ourselves in that we want out of or we want to go away. Now will anything be gained by cursing it? If you say yes, we can have a sidebar discussion.!? There is really nothing to gain. When done cursing it, everything will remain the same. The darkness/situation will only be dispelled if we turn on the light or light a candle!

So what am I driving at? You already know what come next is the truth.

We must do something besides fussing, complaining and cussing!!! Why? Because those actions tend to push people away that may have the power to help. They could be called to be the light of the world. Hence secondly cursing darkness/situation/feeling tends to only magnify the problem. Which in turn does not help us go into creative empowering solution minded mode.

The energy we had is zapped by cursing darkness/situation/feelings. Fussing and complaining eats up our positive energy, rendering us with a feeling of being stuck.

I have no specific steps for anyone to follow. Just a realization that cursing darkness/situation/feeling gains us nothing! We all must become self-aware and then declare we will not be a repeat offender of cursing darkness and being at the mercy of it. This at the very least says, I am going to find a solution or remedy to combat this.

Understanding for every situation is a light switch.  And there is a saying: to repeat the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is insanity… let’s try something different if what we tried didn’t profit our spirit!

19 thoughts on “Hit the Switch

  1. Everything you wrote was so incredibly true! All fussing and cussing does is produce negative energy and honestly the world we are living in does enough of that. I try my best to find the positive in all situations, no matter how difficult they might seem. There is beauty in everything in life, but we often have to dig a little to find it. Thank you for sharing this amazing post with so much power in it!

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  2. Amen! I have seen how the parents of “prodigals” continue to curse the darkness and drive their children farther and farther away. If they have raised their children in the faith, there is no need to keep telling them what their parents believe – they know. Loving them and reaching out to them is probably not going to send them the message that their parents condone sin. The best way to bring them home is to remind them of the love and joy they’re missing, and cursing won’t do this!

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