Here’s a thought
one I have not fought
The other one I bought…

What a person recognize they energize
If a person is fearful
to them it comes as no surprise
feasting on tragedy
from sun-up til moon-rise
Going from station to station
watching death advertised
So that which
We energize we seek to realize

Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what they
think into it~Ernest Holmes…

In life there needs to be a balance. Is there evil in this world? Yes
and Yes!
Is there righteousness in this world? YES, YES and YES!!!
However, goodness and acts of kindness does not get the attention nor get
highlighted like evil and acts of destruction gets.

Be aware, Be alert but don’t go down that rabbits hole of screaming, “this
world is a terrible place, “you can’t trust nobody”. We are apart of this
world, so it is not all bad. We are someone- therefore, I’m glad there is
somebody I can trust.

The news is systematically designed to feed us fear and have us with a
doomsday mentality. Just ask, why is all breaking news bad news. How bout
breaking news, shouting WoW, you wouldn’t believe Miss Annie just donated a thousand coats that was hand crafted by her hands to an orphanage. Then after that the news anchor says the spirit of kindness is still alive. I’m smiling because there are a lot of us that never gets attention, but are continuing to provide hope and providing the love no government nor policy ever can.

If you want you can start recognizing that which positively energizes and then just may realize…it’s you that makes a difference


16 thoughts on “Recognize

  1. This is very sweet of you…such beautiful writeup…its really up to us to make a difference. The world is made up of people like us and if we claim we have good hearts,therefore,the world can not be a bad place…so it all depends on us at the end of the day✌

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  2. Very very nice Tony!
    And guess what … since I started my blogging journey slightly more than one year ago, I turned off the news … have up my cable! What news I hear is perhaps from a coworker.
    Now I am who my online persona shows me to be … encouraging and respectful to my fellow man. I enjoy my job more and have found that love is all around me; I swim in it.
    As building blocks of humanity we can, in small increments, build a fortress of positivity. ❤️😊

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  3. So very true…I teach a social skills program to K-8th grade students and we talk about this starting around grade 4 on basic level. Not to mention, I’m always saying I don’t follow the news regularly because it’s so full of negatively. My motto is that if it’s I’m for me to know, I usually hear about it from my significant other, friends and/or family.

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  4. Great write up on a profound power we have but don’t always recognize…
    the good and bad that exists is exactly proportional to the energy we expend to it… global connectedness has shows how our focus on sorrows and in justice has served to punctuate it into our lives… instead of cultivating empathy and compassion we have as a universal cultivated fear and blame… we need to find our humanity in kindness and reverence, love and gratitude and I know in my our little bubble of life it has make a huge impact…
    Much love to you my friend as you give the opportunity to start my day in gratitude on the focus of awareness of where my “energy energizes”🙏

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