Staying Humane

Life is grand,
even when i don’t understand
I am a mere man
with a worthy demand… that

I learn to dance in the rain
Ride the storm of pain
Wrestle irrational thoughts to regain,
a mind that’s prone for the insane…

So I make a conscious effort to
accept that which I can not change
It is I…The harmony hurricane
that looks to change
trusting the thunder of others
sounds strange


this conflict leads to gain
Peaceful is my new name
Perfection is not my claim
Being human is the aim
doing that which equates to liberty
plus the principle of that which is HUMANE…

22 thoughts on “Staying Humane

  1. Woah…this was a great read! Your choice of words to express yourself was exceptionally good and kept me engrossed while reading it!
    Also i’m new to blogging and would appreciate if you took some of your precious time to check out my recent post…

    Liked by 2 people

    • what a treat… A double-decker… two comments in one day. I appreciate your uniqueness and encouraging comments. Love the “powerhouse phrase”! I may use that line in the near future with your permission.


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