It’s Everywhere

Across the universe
Love is a demonstration
A form of behavior
The substance behind kindness
An act with actions of compassion
With many languages
With many good feelings
That inspire
That motivate
That stimulate…

See love is not blinding
Love is healing
Love is medication
No side-effect syndrome
Happy meal smiles
Happy memories beyond the clouds
Blue skies and
Star-lit nights…

This is universal
This is the beginning
And all that is in-between…

The gift of life
Was paid for by love
It’s not racial
Not religious
Not territorial…

Such is love
Such is found everywhere
Such is our very own hearts

Slow down and listen
Then look.

It’s everywhere
All across the Universe…

17 thoughts on “It’s Everywhere

    • What a pleasure and delight to see I’ve been read by you! Then to see such a comment! I must agree and I believe it to be so: that we speak the same language, therefore you have a beautiful heart as well. I’m intrigue that beyond words you subtly poke at my anonymity…lol…Queen of Alliterations I adore you


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