Purposeful Tears

the truth of life
the seeds each and
everyone of us water
with tears of struggle
tears of inspiration
tears of pain
tears of joy…
Each silent tear drop
holds a meaning
serves a purpose
has a destiny,
Which allows the spirit to soar
To soar through a dream
To ride upon a dream
To invest in the dream of tomorrow
that starts with today
that started with yesterday,
when silent tears fell

Fell casually down our face
reaching its’ destination
watering the seeds of life
giving breath to a struggle
that evolved out of pain
making way to a testimony of inspiration
that built a heart of joy.

Never forget those tears
They are reminders
to remember the essence of ourselves
silently holding meaning
Let the tears flow….it’s DESTINY

20 thoughts on “Purposeful Tears

  1. I am inspired … My viewpoint is that when we walk through the darkness and we don’t give up from the dreams in our heart then the obstacles of the dream along the journey fall like the leaves in autumn … something that naturally happens … Each tear during this journey is a gate to those memories … I share my tears to share the pain but even though some tears remain forever only mine ….

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  2. You express the message it in such an inspiring way, that finds agreement … thank you dear Tony … Please continue with sharing your beautiful word …Thank you again …

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